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Responsibly Farmed by American Standards 





Did you know OVER 80% of caviar consumed in the United States is imported from Chinese farms?
Skip the middle man. Support the U.S. economy. Buy fresh & direct from Marshallberg Farm.

Support Sustainable U.S. Aquaculture

Marshallberg Farm is a family operated sturgeon farm, started in 2010. With over 80% of caviar distributed in the USA being imported from Chinese farms, Marshallberg Farm aims to break the mold and sustainably produce Osetra caviar right here in the USA.


Benefits of Marshallberg Farm caviar


• Small batch, freshly harvested caviar that has never switched hands or been in transit
• Higher grades of caviar that are packed to final tin on harvest day, never repacked or exposed to air
• Caviar made by an American business, strictly regulated by U.S. health and safety standards
R.A.S. sturgeon farming methods that are ranked a”Best Choice” for sustainability by Seafood Watch
• No borax, hormones, antibiotics or other illegal food additives
• The best product for your money; by cutting out distributors, you get a fresher, better caviar for less!



Our facilities adhere to U.S. environmental standards. Through sustainable aquaculture, we aim to counter the poaching of critically endangered Russian sturgeon from the Caspian by offering American caviar as a superior alternative.



When you taste our domestic caviar, you taste some of the best caviar in the world. Our experienced staff uses state-of-the-art technology and expertise to hand-pick each fish for superior meat and Osetra caviar. We do not us harmful additives. No borax.



Our Recirculating Aquaculture System assures the the highest level of filtration. We breed pure Acipenser gueldenstaedtii sturgeon for genuine Osetra caviar (no hybrids). We do not use growth hormones or antibiotics. The only ingredients in our domestic caviar are roe and salt.




Responsibly Farmed by American Standards


– 100% MADE IN THE USA –
Support Sustainable U.S. Aquaculture

Did you know over 80% of caviar consumed in the United States is imported from Chinese farms?
• • •
Skip the middle man. Support the U.S. economy.
Buy clean, sustainable caviar direct from Marshallberg Farm.



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Our facilities follow the strictest of US environmental and safety standards. Unlike imports, we do not use hormones, antibiotics or borax in our products. We proudly produce fresh, high quality Osetra caviar right here in North Carolina.

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      Caviar Reviews

      Marshallberg Farm

      Verified Owner Reviews

      David 12/23/22

      Classic Osetra Caviar
      I'm blown away with the quality and taste of your Caviar. I was a first time buyer and I didn't know what to expect. I've never had 100% authentic caviar and all I can say was WOW!!!! I definitely can't afford to buy this on a regular basis but I can tell you I might sneak in an anniversary and maybe even a birthday. No one in my family eats it except me, I HAVE IT ALL to myself. I received it in great packaging and it was ice cold. I was going to wait until Christmas to open a tin but I couldn't wait. I was like a kid in a candy store. I paired with the potato Latkes recipe from your website. Absolutely incredible. The only regret I have is I should have ordered a larger tin. Thank you so much. Merry Christmas

      Libby Liles 09/05/22

      Products from Marshallberg Farm have added a new dimension of excellence to our family gatherings. We have enjoyed the flavorful smoked sturgeon, creamy smoked sturgeon spread and, of course, the decadent Osetra caviar. The quality and flavor of these products simply cannot be surpassed and we look forward to enjoying them at future family gatherings.

      JLossada 04/14/22

      Royal Osetra
      Simply sublime in terms of taste, color and texture! Overall, it exceeded my expectations. I look forward to my next purchase. The value of this product is amazing.

      Stephen Anderson 02/20/22

      Royal Osetra
      Excellent. My wife and I had the royal ossetra in a three-way test against two top-shelf imported caviars (another ossetra and a beluga hybrid), and this one more than held its own. Nice firm eggs, with a distinct flavor and just a little saltiness.

      Matt F. 01/03/22

      Premium Osetra Sampler
      We received our caviar delivery in anticipation of making our New Year’s Eve an unforgettable evening. Even with high expectations, we were absolutely blown away with the quality and flavor of everything we received. It was truly one of the greatest at-home food experiences we’ve ever had. I also highly suggest the smoked sturgeon filet. It will not get better than a bite of Caviar on Sturgeon! I will be dreaming about this until we place our next order!!

      Viktoria Sikora 01/01/22

      Classic Osetra Caviar
      This product EXCEEDED my expectations! It matched my memories of the "real deal" from many years ago and definitely exceeded all the other tries to duplicate that experience since. I brought it to a NYE party which proved to be a HUGE hit among very discriminating friends. Thank you and I look forward to celebrating with your product again. Worth every cent. Viktoria Sikora

      Joy 12/26/21

      Classic Osetra Caviar
      We did a Christmas Eve caviar tasting. 2 grocery store roes, one French caviar, and 2 from The Caviar Farm. There was a night and day difference. The NC caviars were by far the best. I highly recommend their products !

      B Buckley 12/21/21

      Classic Osetra Caviar
      Every product is delicious. I will never order Russian caviar again. What a pleasure to find such quality in a NC product. The Ossetra is the best I have had including the Russian Tea Room and Petrossian in NY.

      David Greenblatt 11/26/21

      Gold Reserve
      The golden was the best caviar we have had!!! Agreed by all, truly the golden was amazing!!! We have been eating Marshallberg’s for years. We have compared it to the best we have had. Hands down Marshallberg’s the best!!! We have shared it with Michelin chef friends and industry experts, The vote is always the same, the best. I have Persian friends that bring us caviar from Iran. This goes toe to toe.

      Ron 10/29/21

      Premium Osetra Sampler
      I have tried many different sources for caviar and Marshallberg Farm is simply the best. The flavor was what I was looking for and the texture was magnificent. The product came arrived at the perfect temperature because the packaging was the best I have ever seen. A terrific experience from start to finish.