Bert’s Smoked Sturgeon Mousse

smoked sturgeon mousse

Smoked Sturgeon Mousse

4 oz hot-smoked sturgeon
2 T heavy cream or creme fraiche
Pinch ground black pepper
1 T fresh lemon juice
1 T prepared horseradish
8 oz cream cheese, at room temperature

Place the fish in the bowl of a food processor and process until fish is finely chopped. With the machine running, add the cream, pepper, lemon juice and horseradish. Add the cream cheese and process until mixture is well combined and smooth.

Pass the fish mixture through a fine sieve to remove any lumps or solid particles. Refrigerate until ready to use.


Cherry Tomato Canapes   Cut a very thin slice from the bottom of the tomato so it will sit up straight; then hollow out cherry tomato and pipe it full of sturgeon mousse.

Smoked Sturgeon Mousse Salad   Pipe sturgeon mousse over a balsamic vinegar-marinated thick slice of beefsteak tomato that rests on a leaf of iceberg lettuce. Garnish  with a dollop of caviar.

Smoked Sturgeon Mousse Crustarde   Coat a large crouton thinly with crème fraishe; then pipe sturgeon mousse over the crouton.

Smoked Sturgeon on Fried Green Tomato  Pipe sturgeon mousse over a prepared fried green tomato slice and garnish with a dollop of caviar.

Stuffed Celery Sticks  Fill the center of 2 1/2-inch long celery stalks with smoked sturgeon mousse and sprinkle with paprika.

As a Plate Decoration  Using a decorative piping tip, pipe mousse around the rim of the Sturgeon cheesecake.