Caviar Storage Instructions & Shelf Life

Upon arrival, OPEN the package, remove the caviar and place the tin(s) in the fridge. Do not put the entire unopened package in the fridge. We recommend consuming caviar within 3 weeks of purchasing, but when stored correctly, small tins of vacuum sealed caviar can last 3-6 months, larger tins up to a year.

The ideal temperature for storing unpasteurized caviar is 24° – 38° to preserve optimal quality. The bottom, back part of the fridge is the coldest. Additionally, you can put your unopened tin in a bowl of ice in the fridge. Since caviar is salted, it’s freezing point is a bit lower.

It’s best to consume the whole tin once opened. However, opened caviar can be preserved for an extra day by placing a layer of plastic wrap on the surface of the caviar before applying lid. This will minimize the caviar’s contact with air and increase its shelf life.

Osetra caviar should not be frozen after the vacuum seal is broken, as the texture may be compromised. Vacuum sealed caviar tins can be frozen without consequence.