We harvest roe from our sturgeon throughout the year, however more fish are ready for harvest at summer’s end and fall than any other time of year. Eggs harvested in the fall tend to be slightly larger than any other season.

Currently, we are undergoing our spring harvest. Fewer fish are ready in the spring, which explains why you may see less inventory during this time. 

Our staff is working hard to find as many good caviar candidates as we can! This must be done through searching female fish one by one and determining egg production stage and quality. Once chosen, each candidate must then go into staging for at least 4 weeks to ensure maximum quality and flavor. To see more about this process, check out some of our videos. 

Many of our females are over 10 years old. If they are not at the perfect stage for harvesting, we let them go until next year. We are not interested in producing quantity, as much as quality caviar. Quality is hinged on the correct timing of harvest. Our fish are incredible to us, and we will not harvest unless we feel it is completely right.

You may have to wait a little longer during spring to order from us. But remember that your caviar is coming fresh and direct in small batches from a sustainable, domestic farm! We greatly appreciate your interest and willingness to try our products, and hope you continue to check in.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via email.