Wine & Caviar – The Best Wines to Pair with Caviar

Wine and caviar can be an unbeatable duo when paired correctly. As to not overpower the delicate flavor nuances in caviar, dry white wines and champagnes are the best bet when serving caviar. Here are a few recommendations:

House of Henkel Signature Brut
House of Henkel • Gretchen • Chenin Blanc 2022
House of Henkel • Gretchen • Sauvignon Blanc 2022

If you’re in a daring mood, the House of Henkel Gretchen • Pinotage (although a red wine) does pair well with caviar and even better with our smoked sturgeon and smoked sturgeon spread.  Smoked sturgeon also pairs very well with House of Henkel Signature Sweet Moela, a lovely balance of salty and sweet.

For caviar pairing, we also recommend champagnes from Guy Dumangin, sold here by Queen of Wines.

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