Best Sustainable Caviar | Marshallberg Farm

The best sustainable caviar on the planet quite possibly comes from Marshallberg Farm. Located in North Carolina, USA, this farm uses state-of-the-art indoor RAS (recirculating aquaculture systems) to produce clean, pure and fresh sustainable caviar. Caviar raised in the U.S. using indoor RAS is ranked a “Best Choice” for sustainable seafood by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch. The best sustainable caviar is also the cleanest caviar. Since indoor RAS implements the highest water filtration possible, this allows for 100% effective purging of the fish. This leads to the cleanest and purest of meat and caviar. Paired with sturgeon biology expertise and careful planning, Marshallberg Farm is able to produce the superior quality sustainable caviar made right here in the U.S.A. Unlike imports, U.S. farms must follow strict health and environmental regulations. Marshallberg Farm does not use hormone injections, antibiotics or borax. These substances are illegal in the U.S.A., yet contained in imported caviar on the U.S. market. Distributors buy imported caviar extremely cheap, and resell it for up to 1000%. It is very important to find out where your caviar is coming from and then compare pricing. Chinese caviar has flooded to U.S. market, forcing sustainable U.S. farms to suffer and often fail. The financial cost of responsible farming, i.e. following U.S. environmental and health regulations, far exceeds that of China and other countries. U.S. farms are forced to lower their wholesale pricing to be competitive for distributors. Distributors, on the other hand sit back while selling cheap, unregulated caviar at relatively very high prices. For instance a distributor may purchase a kilogram of caviar from China for $300, and resell it for $3000. So, get the best bang for your buck and but direct from U.S. producers like Sterling Caviar or Marshallberg Farm. You’ll get the best quality caviar for about the same price as low quality imported caviar from distributors.