Golden Osetra Caviar

Golden Osetra Caviar is rare in nature. Therefore, it is highly prized by caviar connoisseurs around the world. Golden Osetra caviar comes exclusively from Acipenser gueldenstaedtii (common name: Russian sturgeon). Russian sturgeon is the name of the species, and does not apply to other sturgeon species found in the Caspian Sea (Russia). This can be confusing, because the word in Russian (осетр) translates to “sturgeon.” Other species native to Russia are Huso Huso Sturgeon (Beluga caviar), Siberian Sturgeon (Baeri caviar), Sterlet Sturgeon and Stellatus Sturgeon (Sevruga Caviar). Although Osetra caviar is known for its golden undertones ranging from dark to light amber, once in a while a female exhibits superb golden eggs. This roe is highly desirable and more expensive. These golden eggs are very beautiful, often larger in diameter and a bit firmer. However, the flavor may not be much different from darker, smaller Russian sturgeon roe. Russian sturgeon (as well as the previously mentioned Caspian native species) are critically endangered in the wild. All legal golden Osetra caviar on the market is currently from sturgeon farms. Almost all caviar for sale in the USA is imported, primarily from China. One must question the golden color of imported Osetra. It has been known that imports are not feasibly traceable, and can contain undocumented ingredients like color, preservatives, hormones and antibiotics. Marshallberg Farm sells Golden Osetra caviar only when we come across that rare fish that when harvested, leaves us all awestruck! We do not use artificial colors and our sturgeon and caviar contain no borax, no hormones and no antibiotics. In fact, the only ingredients in our Osetra caviar are Russian sturgeon roe and fine grained mine salt. We do not breed hybrid fish. Our Osetra is from 100% pure bread Acipenser gueldenstaedtii. For more information about sturgeon, aquaculture and Osetra caviar, click here.