Gordon Ramsay Is Stunned by Farmed Caviar

Farmed caviar is becoming more popular, as the source for wild-caught sturgeon has disappeared. Farmed sturgeon and caviar in the US is a “Best Choice” from Monterrey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch. Russian sturgeon are critically endangered. The few survivors who remain in the wild are being poached, even with laws and restrictions stricter than ever. Farming sturgeon is an excellent way to counter the illegal trade of endangered Russian sturgeon. With high-tech recirculating aquaculture systems, raising sturgeon indoors under close monitoring results in very clean, decadent farmed caviar and sturgeon meat. Unlike farmed sturgeon caviar from China or Iran, Marshallberg Farm does not use borax or any preservatives other than salt. Borax is added to farmed caviar and wild-caught caviar for preservation and texture, but is found to be toxic to pregnant women and small children. Borax is also used to kill insects. Osetra from Marshallberg Farm is simply Russian sturgeon roe and salt. This recipe is called “Malossol,” a Russian term for “lightly salted.” There are many ways to serve caviar, but if the caviar is from Russian sturgeon (a superior grade), a great way to serve is alone or with a sip of cold vodka. For more ideas on serving farmed caviar, check out our tips. If you have any ideas or tips of your own, please share! We are always looking for new ways to serve this age-old delicacy. From the Yildiz, Mongolian queen’s favorite dish of baked apples with caviar, or the ever-favorite blini with creme fraise and caviar, there’s sure to be some new traditions to be invented in these modern times. Make sure to create an account with us so you can reiceve special coupons and recipes. Thank you for your support of sustainable aquaculture and premium quality farmed caviar. Check out more about our facilities and opportunities at www.marshallbergfarm.com